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How do you get paid through our Affiliate Program?

Generating leads for mortgages or education is the key to your success.

When a consumer that you referred completes an internet lead form, you receive Commission for leads approved in our system.

Current members in our affiliate program have had great conversion rates thus far.

Cutting Edge Contacts is very confident in our affiliate marketing program.

Why you should sign up right now:

  • We provide a simple to use site with helpful tools and information for our consumers.
  • Our contact forms are free, easy, short and non-intrusive.
  • We have a very strong network of providers.
  • A variety of sizes and creatives to optimize lead generation.
  • Free affiliate marketing program with no start up fees.
  • New markets being added.
  • Easy, real time tracking reports.
  • Timely payments.
  • Proactive Management.
  • Competitive payment terms and thresholds.

Now’s the time to become a Cutting Edge Contacts Affiliate!!!  Our affiliates are our Internet sales team.  We provide our affiliates with tools and support to help them succeed. We look forward to working with you!

Why join the Cutting Edge Contacts Affiliate Program?

You can start earning cash today with the Cutting Edge Contacts Affiliate Program. Our free Affiliate Program is a simple way for anyone with an approved lead generation website or newsletter to earn cash by referring customers to Cutting Edge Contacts.



Passive affiliate lead generation - sounds like impossible? Well, I personally have many campaigns that keep generating leads and commissions on auto pilot. And they all require time just once, to set the whole thing up.

Want to know how I do it? Stay with me for a few minutes, and I will tell you all.

Passive lead generation is actually done by driving traffic to just one page of your website - the squeeze page. By collecting people`s names and email addresses, you will have a base of leads to whom you can promote your products over and over, and over again.

To be able to collect their personal information, you will actually need to give them something that they truly want. This can be a free guide on how to do something, on how to solve one or a few of their problems. Something, that they wan to get so bad, and that they submit their name and email address to your opt in box, in order to get that.

Then, when you have people on your list, you can actually send them to any of your offers as often as you want. This is like having your own traffic source any time you need. And you don`t need to even depend on Google or anything else!

Make sure though, you not only send them promo after promo - you still need to provide valuable information by emails. Only by doing this, you will build trust, and this will help you sell things to those people easier.

So when you have a niche chosen, you build the affiliate campaign by creating a few of your own guides, setting up the AWeber follow up messages, and the only thing you have to care about after that, is driving traffic to your squeeze page. Just think about it - all the people on your list are actually hot leads! All waiting for some cool information from you - some free, some paid.

Do it right, and you will make at least $1000 per month from just one affiliate campaign. You can even build a list of 2000 subscribers or more in a couple of weeks, which can actually start making money the same month!



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